How to wholesale Cheap Electronics from China – Price Comparison

2012 Top China Wholesaler Comparisons and Reviews

2012 Top China Wholesaler Comparisons and Reviews

See the China wholesaler side-by-side Comparisons and Reviews Quick Guide

The review article offers some idea how to find out cheap electronics from so many China wholesalers.

According to research data from top China wholesaler platform, here we give some typical electronics wholesale prices comparison case as below:


1. When you saw this article, below price maybe different since price would be change from time to time, but the most important thing for you, need to figure out the way that how to purchase cheap products with good quality from China.

2. Import Electronics Cost: Manufacturing cost + Logistics Cost (Shipping charge, Custom Clearance fee, etc.)

Researching Methods: Find out follow websites, copy Keywords to the search field, you could get result as below:

Electronics keywords 1: “Mini DV Camera” or “Mini DV Spy Camera” electronics wholesale prices:


lightinthebox-com-china-electronics-wholesale-prices-comparison-3 electronics wholesale Prices



The seller services description: Delivery, Warranty, etc.


Factory profile homepage on

dhgate-com-china-electronics-wholesale-prices-comparison-4 electronics wholesale Prices



Electronics keywords 2: Smallest Camera.

Searching result by Quantity Sold ( Highest):

Notes: Below Mini Webcam PC USB, not Mini DV Camera, but it is similar product.



Searching result by Feedback (Positive):


aliexpress-com-china-electronics-wholesale-prices-comparison-6 electronics wholesale Prices

Searching result by Business Type



alibaba-com-china-electronics-wholesale-prices-comparison-3 electronics wholesale Prices


madeinchina-com-china-electronics-wholesale-prices-comparison-2 electronics wholesale Prices:

chinavasion-com-china-electronics-wholesale-prices-comparison-1 electronics wholesale Prices:

tradetang-com-china-electronics-wholesale-prices-comparison-1 electronics wholesale Prices:


dealextreme-com-china-electronics-wholesale-prices-comparison-2 electronics wholesale Prices:

Note: Didn’t find out exact same type eletronics, but you can get lots of similar products results as below URL.


Below Web Description Notes:

China Domestic Top B2C, C2C Sites, you can compare electronics prices to find out Chinese profit margin since these are purchasing resource channel for many Chinese Trader. .com electronics wholesale Prices (Chinese):

Notes: You can try to use Google Translation Tools



alibaba-cn-china-electronics-wholesale-prices-comparison-3 .com Prices (Chinese):

Notes: You can try to use Google Translation Tools


Below Web Description Notes:

Global Top B2C, C2C Sites, you can compare electronics prices to find out your profit margin if you want to sell on it. Prices:

amazon-com-china-electronics-wholesale-prices-comparison-1 Prices:



Google Prices Comparison:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=a62d6b82a5ff7571&biw=1280&bih=933


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