Electronics Wholesaler Chinavasion Reviews

2012 Top China Wholesaler Comparisons and Reviews

2012 Top China Wholesaler Comparisons and Reviews

Background Investigation Brief

Company profile

Company Name: Chinavasion.com
Headquarters Address: HQ located in Shenzhen

Chinavasion.com is a professional and exclusive supplier of a huge range of electronics. It offers drop shipping service. The company founded in 2005. They are the one of the biggest wholesale provider of hi-tech gadgets and consumer electronics products from the China market.


Chinavasion Reviews – PROS:

1. Number of Available Products: It has a very complete professional and exclusive catalog of electronics.

2. Excellent Purcahsing Quality Control process: All the products they source from Chinese factories are professionally reviewed for quality and safety standards. All stock is quality controlled in-house by their experienced QC team. Chinavasion is located in Shenzhen and easier to find the best electronics suppliers there and build cooperative relationships with them.

3. Electronics Wholesale Price: The price of the wholesale and retail store offers is slightly lower than some other electronics wholesalers.

Chinavasion Reviews – CONS:

Promos and discounts: Chinavasion is rare to see any coupon or promo code. Anyway, there is a ‘Specials’ zone on Chinavasion and you can see some discounted electronics being added from time to time.

Chinavasion Reviews – The Verdict:

Chinavasion.com is a great service for Consumer Electronics trading of small purchasing order without undertaking too much trading risk.

Chinavasion Reviews – Feature Set:

1. Drop-Shipping Service
They have 1,569,703 products to choose from in a wide assortment of categories. Once you see a product you would like to sell, you can simply upload a picture of it and put it on your website or auction site. There is no commitment to purchase your products before you sell them. It has been suggested, however, that you do buy your items first because of problems with them going out of stock.

They declare that you won’t worry about your customers just go direct to Chinavasion!
With a good wholesale dropshipper like Chinavasion, your customer only has contact with you, not with the supplier.

The products will be sent “blind”. That means your supplier’s name / address / contact details are not visible to your customer. Your customers cannot find out your wholesale dropship source. In the Chinavasion warehouse, they have particular procedures to ensure no mention of Chinavasion is made on the packaging or invoice; plus, they will not include any Chinavasion promotional materials, and none of the products contain Chinavasion logo/brand/name on the product, packaging or accessories.
Your repeat customers will remain loyal to you – they don’t need to know that Chinavasion is your secret wholesale dropship supplier.

2. No maximum or minimum order number:
The electronics are arranged in a catalog to make it easier to browse through and find what you are looking for. You can order your products online without having to call or fax and most of the time the items are available immediately. There are no minimum order amounts, so you can order as many products as you like and not be penalized.

3. Security/Reliability:
With dropship services, you will know that your information is not being spread around to outside parties. The security section of dropship services is well developed and includes services which provide SSL (credit card security) and identity theft protection.
VeriSign Trust Seal SSL: They have security procedures which include SSL (secure sockets layer) to specifically protect your credit card information. For Chinavasion’s VeriSign Trust details, please check here >>

Chinavasion believes it is important for you to know what types of information we collect when you use our site. They employ various methods for collecting information. To begin with, they use cookies that are needed to compile aggregate non-personally identifiable information about the visitors to their web site. Each time you access their web site; their server finds the relevant cookie on their computer. The information contained within that cookie is then used to customize their experience with their site. The following is a list of the information they collect: Email, Name, Company Name, Street Address, Post Code, City, Country, Telephone Number, Password.

Personally identifiable information consists of information that is unique to you, such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, social security numbers, home address, email address and the like. This is the type of information that most people consider private and deem the most important to protect from unauthorized access.
Non-personally identifiable information most often consists of things such as your search preferences, the types of products you have bought, how many times you have visited a particular web site, etc. This type of information is usually associated with a particular computer or IP address but not with a particular person. “Cookies” are pieces of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user’s computer, ready for future access.

4. Chinavasion Payment Methods
Bank transfer /TT

5. Return Policy/Warranty
Chinavasion.com have good return policy details, please check here >>

6. Help/Support
This area of Chinavasion, like every other, is well developed and very effective. They have a variety of ways to make sure you get the best experience from their company.

They have an informative Support center Section where you can get most of your questions answered.

You can send an email to the support team with a response sent back usually within one business day, or you can look at the FAQs page and try to find the information yourself. The FAQs page is very detailed and provides answers to most generic questions.

They also have a live chat service which will enable you to talk to a representative in a matter of seconds without the hassle of waiting for responses from emails or being put on hold trying to reach phone support. The chat service is prompt and the representatives are knowledgeable and can usually resolve issues in a few minutes. However, if you don’t have time to sit and chat with the company, they do have an email address and their response time is usually one to one business days.

Live Chat Note: Chinavasion Online operators are available 24/7.

Visit Chinavasion.com >>

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3 Responses to Electronics Wholesaler Chinavasion Reviews

  1. Rieu says:

    I am always browsing online for Chinavasion reviews that can assist me. Thanks!

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  2. cplmay says:

    “I wanted to buy a “Digital Eyepiece For Telescope-View and Record to PC” and a digital compass for amateur astronomy I registered and placed my order and also a few other items
    Earlier I ordered a mebook I got a mail saying that I had to send verfication document
    I sent my Office ID I got a reply saying that it was not acceptable then I send a photo of my Credit Card with numbers except the last four digits not visible as instructed in their site (http://www.chinavasion.com/payment-verification.html) I got a reply saying that credit card not acceptable (mail from them said – “I am afraid that we cannot verify your orders by viewing credit card” Then I sent my Passport with sensitive information not visible as advised by them. I got a reply saying that the document is blurry and they canceled my orders. Online chat person told me that I will be refunded in 24 hours I did not get the refund even after 48 hours. I also have this to say about them
    I ordered another order (1537004 012-02-20 23:46:23) I got a mail saying that “I’m writing you regarding your Chinavasion order 1537004. Due to unexpected system bug on the pricing value calculation, we have to cancel order, ref 1537004. Total amount usd 47.87 will be refunded back to your paypal account within next 6 hours. (I did not even give them my paypal account they don’t even know my account I paid through credit card! No wonder I am yet to get the money)The above method was new method to cancel orders and not refund(price bug) I am yet to get the refunds.
    I think they are basically scammers who after ordering ask for identity documents and say that it is not acceptable no matter what you send and then cancel the order and don’t refund Be very careful as they also say that it is their discretion to accept or not accept the identity document you send which means they mostly will not accept any document you send in my case a clear scan of passport (which they said was blurry!)and they say you cannot send anything more than 3 MB that is an easy way not to accept any document you send and cancel the order and not refund. They have all my ID docs and also my money
    There is one thing I dont understand they say that they verify identity to catch fraudsters and also say that it is one time verification First why don’t they just put it on the site that they are not responsible for transactions from stolen cards or accounts and second is that there is something very fishy about this “one time verification” what if someone loses their card after their first order then a fraudster uses it, I don’t see any logic in this “one time identity verification”. I dont understand “one time verfication” for a standard anti-fraud check It is plain identity theft method and scamming by cancelling the orders and not repaying citing silly reasons such as ” Price bug” ” blurry picture” etc.,
    In addition when I asked for my money back I was given a transaction ID with several numerals and alphabets may be randomly generated by computers that means nothing to me
    Please note this : They said they refunded to my paypal account which they don’t even know! they said within 6 hours and now after two days I am yet to get any money.

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  3. Hung says:

    I always spent my half an hour to read this website’s content every day along with a cup of coffee.

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