AliExpress Tablets Price Reviews – China Tablets Market is squeezed

China Tablet price lower to US$47-gross margin than 10%

We can noticed that many tablets so cheap from AliExpress/Alibaba and other wholesalers website.

Tablet PC manufacturers quoted a speech in Shenzhen, said, “The current mid-priceTablet white brand has hit about RMB 600, low price is down to RMB300 to RMB400. And gross margin is less than 10% . Faced this Christmas season, tablets factory operators are likely to be disappointed.

Reported that the European economic downturn, the market downturn. And the low price of Kindle Fire Tablet makes Chinese mobile products no advantage at all. In order to ensure sales, Tablet products must sell. Thus, “gross margin is less than 10% ,” which has become the current manufacturer’s dilemma.

Reporters believe that, with the domestic and international market expansion, China Shenzhen Tablet PC industry is likely to repeat the mistakes of the mobile phone final situation several years ago. Only a few powerful development capabilities of the China manufacturers can eventually bigger and stronger.

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